About Us

Welcome to the Marples Family Trust Limited, a company which supports the activities of the Marples family.

We are an entrepreneurial family with a history of success in business.

Our trust is focussed on providing investment in the following key areas:

we have an extensive portfolio of property for rental and are always looking for new opportunities to work with people to develop innovative bespoke property across the UK and abroad

we have a track record of successful investment in Cars and are active in the market nationally in acquiring, storing and selling classic and unusual cars for our own private collection and on behalf of others

our consultancy practice provides sound business advice for budding entrepreneurs in all business sectors, but with a focus on Education and Skills, Sport, Entertainment and Strategic Advice on how to extract maximum value from your business

Private Equity
we invest in companies across the UK from our Trust which have either high calibre management teams, fast growing businesses, a great idea or preferably all of these combined